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About Us

We Build Well-Engineered Software Which Helps You Transform Your Business

We are a small and efficient, 100% UK based software consultancy that builds web, mobile and enterprise software for organisations that are serious about digital.

The number one thing we care about is creating well-engineered systems that scale to meet our clients long term digital strategies; no matter how complex.

Our company was founded because we realised that there was a gap in the market when it came to dealing with the enormous cost of poor quality code. The exponential complexity organisations experience when custom software isn't built or maintained properly can sink projects. You can read more about the financial cost of poorly built systems here.

Tom Cooksey - CEO

Pete Heard - Founder

"I founded Logic Room so that I could offer businesses a chance to work with a consultancy they can trust; to deliver not just working code but well engineered code, which supports their long term digital transformation objectives"

Pete Heard (Founder of Logic Room)

We work with technology leaders and businesses that are a little bit frustrated by software development and want to work with a team they can trust to do the job properly. They are perhaps a little bit tired of industry buzzwords and want to work with software professionals who will protect their investment and enable them to do what they need to; transform their business.

We reduce your cost and risk by taking a stand against bad code!

If this simple message of professionalism resonates with you the next thing to do is to head over to our contact page and drop us a message.