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About Us

"Digital Transformation Driven by High Quality Code"

Our company was founded because we realised that there was a gap in the market when it came to dealing with the enormous cost of poor quality code along with the exponential complexity organisations experience when custom software isn't built or maintained properly.

Whether it's developing responsive web sites for large financial organisations or cross platforms mobile applications for businesses undergoing Digital Transformation, we have experience developing the right product built on the right technology. At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to developing robust systems and creating meaningful relationships with clients that appreciate working with software professionals.

Our consultancy seeks to add value to long term Digital Strategies by proving a simple model of quality assurance which is backed up though the way we organise ourselves. When you engage with us the first thing you get is a professional Technical Leader who is responsible for 4 things :

Project code quality and architecture

Ensuring enough specification and estimation is complete

Tracking and keeping the client aware of progress

Supporting the development team

By providing you with a consistent experience as we build your systems we enable you to stabilise your business as you prepare to take your Digital Transformation to the next level.

All of our work is done using the very latest Test Driven Development, Dev-ops and Agile practices. We consistently contribute high quality and engaging content to the community through lectures, tutorials, articles and books. Make sure you check out our training section and blog for more information if you are interested!

We are a company that is run by programmers. We take pride in our work and because we aren't led by sales we don't let money and bureaucracy prevent us from getting the job done properly!