Unlimited access to everything in the UI Architecture Academy (private mentoring, coaching calls and content) and get the tools, strategies and professional portfolio to radically improve your seniority and salary as a senior developer, architect or freelance consultant. The extended focus areas are...


Access the code samples and integration training for specific tools such as NextJs, Angular, React-Query,React-Redux/Redux, VueJS, Micro-frontends, Apollo-GraphQl and Svelte. Learn to apply next generation approaches such as micro-frontends, hybrid server-side/dynamic apps design and module federation.

Strategise & Lead

Build an online portfolio and case study designed to open doors in your current job or community. Weekly accountability coaching to help you increase your status and influence in your current team or company. Strategy advice for incremental adoption of new approaches into complex situations.

Network & Promote

Learn to effectively promote and network online. Get an actionable plan that will either get your CV to the top of the hiring managers pile. Or help you build a strong online presence that will unlock opportunities for employment, consultancy or even business.

Level-Up Your Software Development Career Without Any More Procrastination, Self Limiting Beliefs Or Technical Hurdles Holding You Back

The Academy+ is a monthly coaching programme for UI Architecture Academy graduates that are ready to start putting into action what they have learned on the UI Architecture Academy. It will help them take their career to the next step and accelerate their ability to lead and create opportunities for employment or consultancy. 

It allows them to retain all the benefits of UI Architecture Academy mentoring and coaching and then help them further apply what they have learned on the academy to niche and new technology. Then they will be coached to begin influencing and helping their team use improved approaches to development. Finally, they will boost their own career by learning to build more credibility and status with their own company or with new companies/clients that they would like to work for.

What Do You Get?


- UI Architecture Private Mentoring Channel Access 

- Weekly Group Coaching calls @ 7pm UK time Thursdays
- UI Architecture Core Methodology Training


- Dedicated Career and Leadership Channel Access

- Weekly Career and Leadership Accountability Calls
- Dedicated Help from Pete and Team on Your Career Objectives
- New Content and Training for Tools, Leadership and Career Mastery

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