Think! Like a UI Architect! E-Book

Learn 5 Critical Lessons for Framework-agnostic JavaScript UI App Design and Structure.

28-Pages Exploring Big Picture Ideas to Help You Create Better Architecture with Any UI Framework (inc. React, Angular or Vue).

  • Understand the key difference between a 'framework' engineer, and an 'architect' engineer
  • Discover why testing should be your number 1 priority when you learn about UI architecture
  • See how the testing triangle can make your test suite become top heavy with end 2 end tests, and what you can do about it
  • Evaluate the right view architecture using a few simple rules
  • Find out how you can avoid unwanted side effects with reactive ui architecture instead of complex tools (Redux)
  • Explore how inverting dependencies between your low level modules and your high ones gives you control

"I really enjoyed this ebook - what it describes is exactly the way I've come to build and test UIs just articulated in a manner that makes sense, the bit about abstracting the framework is golden - thanks!"

Bernie Sumpton
Lead Engineer @ Flown

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