Test Driven Development Simplified E-Book

What Is TDD Simplified?

‘TDD Simplified' is a systematic approach to writing software which helps developers in a team based context create well-engineered code which has robust automated testing to go with it. It has two fundamental principles :

  1. it helps developers reduce waste
  2. it helps developers create a standardised software design

It allows for easier adoption and speed of TDD. It allows test suites to scale well because it proposes a model based on simplicity.

Why does it exist?

TDD Simplified was created because we were frustrated by how long and how difficult TDD and BDD was to apply in a real world context. We wanted something that actually improved productivity not reduced it. We wanted something that allows a team of developers to write code which consistently improves and becomes easier to work with over time - no matter how complex the code base is.

Who is it for?

TDD Simplified exists for developers who have a life outside of software development and but still want to ship great code.

Who uses it?

We have used it in many client projects for example; Cisco DCloud. This is a 5 data centre, cross platform, enterprise JavaScript application with over £1million of code which has been built using TDD Simplified.

What are people saying about it?

We presented this system at Skills Matter in London. The presentation uses examples from this book.

Using JavaScript for examples the book includes :

  • Observing Objectives
  • Layering
  • Decoupling Tests From Implementation Details
  • Extracting the Benefits of BDD and Integration Testing
  • Domain and Framework Separation

If you have been getting stuck with TDD or you want to super-charge your efforts then you have the option to purchase it now

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