Our History

We officially started in 2017 as a JavaScript consultancy that could help companies build scalable apps that were faster to develop and easier to maintain.

We grew to 7 engineers in 2018 but did not feel that we were offering a service which was going to work for us, or our clients long term. 

In 2019 we scaled down our operation to 2 (Pete and Matt) after various interruptions in the business including a medical operation!

We realised our skills were in teaching and coaching and could help our clients faster if we digitised the techniques that we had already been using.

"The concept of developing a holistic learning platform for JS engineers came to me after I watched my daughter playing with her lego. I realised that I could make learning our techniques more fun if I broke them down into blocks." - Pete (Founder @ Logic Room)

It's pretty easy to get started with us you can begin training now for free here.

If you would like to read our mission statement you can find it here.


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