Our History

Our company was officially started in 2017 after we wanted to realise the vision that a team of professionals that could help companies that were struggling to build complex apps at a pace and quality that would give them a competitive advantage.

We quickly grew to 7 engineers in 2018 but we did not feel that we were offering a service which was going to work for us or our clients long term. 

In 2019 we scaled down our operation to 2 (Pete and Matt). After a hiatus including an operation that took longer to recover from than expected we decided to start again.

We realised our skills were in teaching and coaching and could help our clients faster if we digitised the techniques that we had already been using.

"The concept of using training modules/blocks came to me after I watched my daughter playing with her lego. I realised that I could make learning our techniques more fun to learn if I broke them down into blocks and let engineers assemble them in their own time. I also realised that normal training companies do not provide the real world support in the form of professional JavaScript coaches. I think it's important to have training that aligns to the outcomes you are looking for and support when you have questions if you really want to get use from it." - Pete (Founder @ Logic Room)


We have successfully deployed our training and coaching system into our case study client Cutover and have seen significant improvements in development speed and developer engagements. They are a rapidly expanding Index Venture backed technology company that deals with banks and other highly regulated companies.

It's pretty easy to get started with us you can either begin training now for free here or just read our entire service description here .

Our Coaches

Pete Heard

Pete is the founder of Logic Room. He creates the core material around JavaScript architecture, test automation and software team leadership.

He most enjoys helping our clients teams figure out long term technical strategies.

Matt Wasbrough

Matt was Logic Room's first engineer to complete successful training in our techniques. He helps our clients teams to put their new skills into use in their production apps.

He most enjoys coaching engineers days to day and helping teams build up their leadership capability.


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