How to Motivate People for Your Digital Dreams

Posted by Pete Heard | May, 03, 2017

You have dreams. Digital dreams that you want to share with your team but you don't want them to lean back in their chairs with a lackluster look on their faces wondering if your idea is worth their time and effort. In your head, you know it is but you just have to get them on board so your digital dreams can develop and you can take your digital project to the next level. So, how do you inspire them? How do you motivate your people and get them to see your vision and become a part of your digital dreams?

While many employees and digital project team members want to go digital, they sometimes need a slight prod in the right direction. If you feel that your digital dream is one that deserves the full support of your team, try the following methods of motivating them and watch as your digital dreams, become digital reality.

Open-Door Policy

Many managers say they have an open-door policy, but how many really mean it. By having an open-door policy and showing your team that you really want to hear their suggestions and ideas, you will motivate them to share these with you and help your digital project become more successful.

Instill Trust

If you show your team that you trust them and their decisions, you will motivate them to do more and give them the confidence they need to provide the effective feedback your project needs.

Be Positive

If you are a positive force in your company, your team will become positive as well. Work hard and play hard and your team will follow. Try being more positive and notice the effect it has on the people around you.

Be Transparent

Being open with your team and the people around you is very important if you want to become an effective leader. Make sure they feel included in your decisions and they will feel more valued and will be more prone to helping you reach your project's goal.

Offer Incentives

Offer your team incentives that will show them that you appreciate their input and the feedback they provide. You can also offer performance based incentives when they reach certain goals throughout the project stages. These incentives can be in the form of points, "badges" or other motivators.

Set Small Goals

If you tend to set large, almost unattainable goals, and your team misses those goals, they will lose motivation as well as lose sight of the project's goal. Setting smaller goals that they can reach without stressing, will motivate them to continue meeting those goals and your project may be completed sooner than expected.

Give Them Purpose

If you give people a purpose, they will become more motivated to accomplish their goals and understand what your digital project is about. They will also see where they fit into your idea and your company.

Prioritise a Work-Life Balance

When you prioritise a work-life balance, you will see an increase in productivity and much happier employees and team members. Whether you hold fun competitions or you just encourage your team to do something for themselves every day, you will notice a difference right away.

Motivate Them as Individuals

You have seen ways to motivate your team as a group, but why not motivate them as individuals? Taking them aside and pointing out what they are doing well and how they can accomplish more is a very effective way to motivate them. By motivating them as individuals, you are motivating the team as well.

Learn More About Them

People feel more valued when you take the time to learn about them. What are their goals? What do they want personally and professionally? Learning more about your team will show that you care about their needs and they will then care about yours.

Stick man leading other stick men

Let Them Lead

You are the project manager and you are the leader, but maybe you could let your team lead occasionally and see what happens. Many project managers have used this technique and have seen incredible results. New ideas are formed and a new line of discussion is created which brings the team together with more focus.

The Big Picture

Team members might begin to focus so much on the smaller details of a digital project that they lose site of the big picture. It is important that everyone sees the big picture and understands that they are all a part of it. When giving them tasks, explain how they fit into the bigger picture and how it is important to the success of the project.

These are all effective ways to motivate people to see your vision and understand your digital dreams. Use them to help your project succeed and you will find that your people will come together as a team and can achieve almost anything they set their mind to.

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