Is Your Digital Transformation a Waste of Money?

Posted by Pete Heard | February, 01, 2017

Digital transformation, the number one topic on the minds of business leaders and managers and the one concept that could take their organisations to the next level and beyond. Or can it?

We have all heard the term, digital transformation, and understand what it is and what it means for business. Digital transformation can help streamline workflow, change operating models and make businesses competitive performers in their market niche. But with all of the focus on what digital transformation can do for you, are we missing something? Perhaps there is a much bigger picture where your digital transformation is either too big for your business to handle, or it isn’t big enough to cover the necessary factors of your business that will make it grow and succeed.

We can all agree that digitally transforming your business can be difficult and many business leaders and managers alike are making costly mistakes or they are not implementing certain areas of the digital transformation like they should. Does this mean that every business, no matter the size or market niche, could fail when it comes to their digital transformation strategy or at the very least lose money? Or is it guaranteed to succeed and grow into a global force.

Let’s take a look at some ways that your company’s digital transformation could become a waste of money and leave you, your team and your customers confused. There are three common mistakes business leaders make when trying to undertake digital transformation: trying to do too much all at once, underestimating the people aspect and digitising old procedures without making them more efficient.

Doing Too Much

When you find yourself trying to do too much all at once, you could be losing the competitive advantage the digital transformation offered. Once you are done planning, designing and analysing your strategy, much of the initial enthusiasm will have worn off. This will leave you spending more time and more money without ever getting your digital transformation fully operational. To avoid wasting money, do just what is needed and implement those ideas first. By cutting away all non-essential parts of your transformation you can focus more clearly on what is right.

Remember: People People People!

To plan an effective digital transformation strategy, you must remember the people aspect of your plan. When you underestimate them, you will find that you have a vast amount of new technology and nobody that can operate it properly because they might not have been properly engaged. Plan your digital transformation around your staff and your customers to ensure that you get the most out of it without wasting time or money.

Optimise and Then Digitalise!

Finally, we come to the most common mistake made by companies when creating a digital transformation strategy, digitising old processes without making them more efficient and more effective first. It may seem easier to digitise your current processes and stop at that, but doing so without first optimising them will result in the biggest waste of money your company will endure during the digital transformation process.

Digital transformation is about creating new operating models that are designed to make your company more efficient than ever. From mobile app development to business process automation, always make sure that you are choosing the right processes to improve on and make sure the improvements are the best possible fit for your digital transformation strategy.

Keep in mind these three factors and understand how they can become money wasters if not kept under control. This will ensure that your digital transformation will be a smooth and effective one.

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