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Quickly Deploy our Breakthrough Techniques Into Your Team(s)

Once you train with us your team may have questions about adapting what they learn in our training to their custom UI projects. Or perhaps they need some support if they are to undertake restructuring and improvement work. For this reason we offer business customers two packages. Get clarity and actionable advice and mentoring from our community or core UI Architecture team.

Team Basic

Simple Community Team Package

For small teams that have the time to learn with only community access.

Fast-forward Mode

Community Progress Reporting

Community Group Coaching Calls

Community Q/A Channel

Multi-License Discounts

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Team Pro

Advanced Team Package

For scale-up teams that need dedicated support, mentoring and coaching from the Logic Room Core UI Architect team.

Fast-forward Mode

NDA Locked

Logic Room Core Team Access

Private Q/A Channel

Private Repo Code Sharing

Private/Team Progress Reporting

Private Daily Group Coaching Call

Unlimited Email Questions

Multi-License Discounts

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"Logic Room has helped us accelerate our UI development with better techniques after the global expansion of our product and business. Their training has given us skills to help drive our codebase forward with better ways of working; including the migration of a large angularJS codebase to React. Their UI Architects have been helping us build our ongoing technical strategy and front-end leadership team."

Kieran Gutteridge
CTO @ Cutover (Index Venture Backed)

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