JavaScript, Angular, NativeScript, React Native, Node and Electron Development Services (UK Based)

We build cross-platform digital products for web, mobile, server and desktop using the most popular language of the web; JavaScript.

Desktop Software Development

Backend Server Development

JavaScript is rapidly becoming the go-to language for the enterprise, in 2016 it became the most popular language in existence according to Github. You can read more about it here

Responsive Web App
& Backend Development

We build beautiful and well-engineered products for the web. Specialists in Single Page Application (SPA) development. Backend systems that can scale better than most technologies using Node.

  • Angular Development Services
  • React Development Services
  • Meteor Development Services
  • Typescript Development Services
  • Modular CSS using LESS
  • Node.js Experts
  • Jekyll Development

Mobile and Desktop App Development

We are thoroughbred software designers who specialise in decoupling applications, this allows them to run on multiple platforms; from desktop to mobile

  • React Native Development Services
  • NativeScript Development Services
  • Desktop App Development using Electron
  • Hybrid (CSS and HTML5) using Cordova (Phonegap)

Consultancy, Training & Other Services

Need to work with a consultancy you can trust? We stand against sloppy work and silly excuses. We offer strategic consultancy on...

  • Modular Code
  • Software architecture consultancy
  • Delivery problems : we troubleshoot complex software delivery issues
  • Agile and Lean Delivery
  • Test Driven Development training

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