Web Application Development, Mobile App Development and JavaScript Development

We build cross-platform digital products for web, mobile, server and desktop using the most popular language of the web; JavaScript.

JavaScript is rapidly becoming the go-to language for the enterprise, in 2016 it became the most popular language in existence according to Github. You can read more about it here

Web Application Development

We build beautiful and well-engineered products for the web. Specialists in Single Page Application (SPA) development and Node.js technology for full-stack web development.

  • Angular Development Services
  • React Development Services
  • Typescript Development Services
  • Modular CSS using LESS
  • HTML5
  • Node.js Development Services

Mobile App Development

We are thoroughbred software designers who specialise in decoupling applications and building modular code which can be run on multiple platforms.

Software Consultancy, Training & Other Services

Need to work with a consultancy you can trust? We stand against sloppy work and silly excuses. We offer strategic consultancy on...

  • Effective Software Leadership
  • Cloud Migrations (AWS, Heroku)
  • Blockchain (R3 Corda, Ripple, Ethereum)
  • Software Craftsmanship - Modular/Flexible Code
  • Software architecture consultancy
  • Delivery problems : we troubleshoot complex software delivery issues
  • Agile and Lean Delivery
  • Test Driven Development training
  • C#, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java

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