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We are a JavaScript development company that offers single page application (SPA) development services using the React.js web application programming framework.

A single page application is like a normal web application except the browser doesn’t need to refresh. Our React SPA experience means we can build beautiful and well-engineered web software which will help you achieve your digital goals!

Our capabilities include:

Clean code
100% Risk Free
Fixed price
On-site collaboration

React Single Page Application Development Team

React is a web development framework which allows software developers to create fast and reliable software which will run in any browser.

The fundamental difference between a normal website and a React web application is to do with usability. React web applications do not need to refresh since they are based on single page application technology. Not refreshing allows a better User Experience (UX).

React Bespoke Web Application Development

We use React because of its powerful component architecture coupled with its popular uptake. This allows clients to get both speed of development and rest assured their application will have lots of support in the future.

Web Application Development You Can Trust

We started Logic Room because we found that consultancies and agencies would promise the earth when developing web applications but then would deliver solutions that weren’t well built. We have given talks and written articles on single page application architecture, you can trust us to build decoupled and well-designed web application software!

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