Learn JavaScript Architecture with breakthrough 'UI testing' course

Testable CODE is well-architected CODE.

Learn the SECRETS of creating a Testable JavaScript UI Architecture in any framework (React, Angular or Vue). Get started TODAY for free....

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Lesson 1

Why UI Testing Fails

Discover how to use the theory of Testing FLOW to avoid negative approaches that slow down your ability to make a testable architecture.

Lesson 2

The Dangers of UI Mocking

Learn to avoid false positives from framework 'testing techniques' such as React or Angular Mocking; meaning you can be much more certain your app actually works.

Lesson 3

The UI Framework Trap

Ever feel like you need to know too much about every little detail of your UI framework? You are in the 'framework trap'. See how you can escape it and keep control over your JavaScript tests so they are faster to write.

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