Learn a Clean & Scalable Approach To Applying Test Driven Development (TDD) and Unit Testing In Complex UI Apps Using any Framework (React, Angular, Vue)

🔴 [Live!!! Event Thursday 18th August 2022 @ 2pm-5pm UK Time]

3-hour workshop where you will be guided through the TDD discipline optimised for UI/Frontend engineering application development.








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This workshop is for UI/Frontend engineers that...

  • Want to learn the TDD process from the beginning the right way
  • Are struggling to understand or practically apply TDD and Unit Testing to complex UI Apps
  • Need the mental models to make good decisions on how they go about testing
  • Would like to know how to get unit testing and TDD to scale in complex UI apps in any framework (React, Angular or Vue)
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**This workshop is not for engineers that don't deeply care about code quality!

What Is It?

It's a 3-hour live workshop where you will be guided through the TDD discipline optimised for UI/Frontend engineering application development.

Why Does It Exist?

TDD can give software engineers and teams phenomenal results IF applied correctly.

However, it often lacks connection with the structure of the UI framework code that is being developed. This results in a large suite of tests that either say the app works then it doesn't. Or constantly break and need to be refactored or even commented out.

Inevitably over time this creates a headwind to the practice of writing (tests first). Many teams/engineers start with the best intentions of writing tests, but end with a garbled of mess of test code which get's worse over time; utlimately they STOP practicing TDD and writing tests, run for the hills; and start just rushing through 'component first' UI development.

This workshop will show them how to stop this happening once and for all!

Who Is It For?

Beginner or experienced Frontend/UI (React, Angular, Vue etc) engineers who want to learn TDD or haven't quite mastered TDD (meaning they may struggle to write tests before production code because their code is not easy to test).

They are professionals at heart and know that doing things correctly will ultimately save them time! They KNOW deep down they should be writing tests before writing code. They want a way to be sure that the code they will deliver is working. They are not happy with guesswork and prefer certainty over their working practices.

They want a way to set code up in a UI app so that unit testing and practicing TDD become effortless!

How Does It Work?

This workshop takes engineers back to basics. It teaches them a few key rules and mental models. These will enable them to keep practicing TDD and writing great tests; no matter how large their code base gets!

It is split into two parts.

In the first part; we will work through a simple TDD exercise which will give any level of engineer the critical info to get TDD working. This process will uncover the actual mental models to apply TDD and get the outcome that is expected. We will look at two opposing viewpoints with regards to TDD and writing tests in general. This will let students be aware in future how to make good decisions.

In the second part; we will look at 'testing strategy' with regards to getting TDD working at scale inside a UI app. We will look at a few foundational mental models which will help you guide the layout of your code inside any UI framework. This will mean that testing does not need to face resistance. We will discover how to layout your apps so that code is automatically 'testable'.

About The Instructor

Pete Heard is the founder of Logic Room. He has been a software engineer, technical lead and coach for 15 years. He develops Logic Rooms core material on Architecture, Testing and Engineering Leadership.

Workshop Format & Focus Areas

1. The Process

You will learn a simple repeatable process for practicing TDD and writing unit tests. The process you will learn here is designed to be fun, fast and simple.

2. The Exercise & Q&A

You will undertake a 1-hour TDD and unit Testing exercise which will help you consolidate what you learned in the first part of the workshop. 

3. Scaling UI Testing

We look at the problems that happen when trying to scale unit testing/TDD in UI apps. Learn to scale testing in any framework (React, Angular or Vue).

"I am seriously blown away by the concepts, it is helping me to write better tests."

Elliot Porter
Consultant Web Developer

"Part 1 of the workshop. I have to say it's bloody amazing!"

Rati Montreewat
React Developer

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