You're not too busy and you don't need more time...

You just need a blueprint that puts you first.

Struggling to make self-care a priority? This blueprint is for you.

Do you find yourself lamenting that you never have the time you’d like for self-care?

Or, maybe when you do have some pockets of just don’t have the energy to do anything even remotely revitalising?

Instead, you fall back on tried and tested habits that while not really supportive, are at least familiar, comforting, easy and entertaining. 

Maybe you fire up the ‘gram and scroll through for a quick dopamine hit and some inspiration. Or spend half an hour scrolling through Netflix trying to find something to watch, before tiring from decision fatigue and not watching anything. πŸ€”


You see a hundred versions of the lifestyle you really aspire to: women delightfully juicing vegetables for breakfast, beautiful, vibrant and multicoloured buddha bowls for lunch, healthy bodies yoga-ing here and there...mostly over there on a sunny beach β˜€οΈ

Have you ever thought to yourself, YES, I want this too. I want to feed myself amazing food, move my body more, weave inspiring and uplifting rituals into my daily routine, and generally live a life where treating myself damn good is just the default!

Maybe you’ve asked yourself, why can’t I just sit and meditate when I have a spare moment and tune into myself, rather than scroll on social media some more? And then some more? Why can’t I just go for a walk or do a little yoga or simply beeeeee soaking up the present...instead of just collapsing in front of Netflix. Again? 

Have you ever looked at the technicolour, vibrant lifestyles depicted on the ‘gram and then wondered why you can’t just turn the vibrancy up on your own life and rustle up the energy to really live alive too?

What if I told you there was just ONE thing keeping you from flipping the switch on your life from black and white to full colour?

One thing that holds you back from doing the things you know would make you feel great.

One thing that stops you leading and living the life you know you’d be happiest in.

Just one thing holding you back.


Imagine this. What if you truly loved yourself. Truly believed, on a deep cellular level that you were whole and worthy?

That your life, your health, your joy, your pleasure mattered, deeply?

What if you believed that you deserved to feel awesome and you made this your new baseline? The foundation on which everything else was built?

What if feeling awesome was the default that you naturally came back to again and again because caring for yourself like you mean it was simply non-negotiable? What if it was something that just got done daily, without fuss, like brushing your teeth?


Let me take a moment to introduce myself, I’m Sam. I’m a health coach, ex-yoga teacher, doterra wellness advocate, blogger, budding-entrepreneur, part-time employee, book-o-holic, mama to a fun toddler, and part of a fun-packed family of five (two of which are cats, thankfully!) 

Basically, I’m ALL OF THE THINGS and I love it, and I balance it all out beautifully. Now. But that 100% hasn’t always been the case.  

I used to race around doing all of the things (A** for enthusiasm) but it wasn’t exactly fun. I felt like I was chasing the day down every single day, trying to cram it all in, with just enough time for a quick sigh of relief before I closed by eyes ready to begin the mad cycle again.

Not a fun and easeful way to live. And I wasn’t really looking after myself as well as I could, because, despite my keen interest in wellness, I wasn't clear on the  the fundamentals: the vital few structures and rituals that actually make the biggest difference. Hint, they're pretty simple and easily overlooked, their simplicity belies their power.

With a new baby on the scene the "too busy for self-care" story ramped up big time and I got totally pushed out of my own life. Self-care? Self-who?

But my body in its immense all-knowing-wisdom...broke down.

I got crippling back pain.

Part of my knee fell off, no jokes, actually happened. 

Many people might think, random bad luck. Not me. I took the disaster as an opportunity to explore what was behind all the falling-apartness. 

Recovering from my op πŸ‘‡ still smiling, and lesson learned 😊

Why I fell apart and my body started yelling at me:

βœ”οΈ Excessive self-sacrifice

βœ”οΈ  Putting myself last

βœ”οΈ Nothing left to give myself after everything else was done.

βœ”οΈ Inability to create boundaries and prioritise myself in my own life.

βœ”οΈ Inability to ask for help and say what I needed (people should just read my mind, right?)

βœ”οΈ Attachment to the unrealistic  ‘good girl’, or ‘martyr’ arch-type that had me believing my worth was tied to doing all of the things for all of the people all of the time, but doing a pretty poor job of this...

βœ”οΈ Massive guilt around taking time for myself to do anything non-productive.

In summary, I was living life topsy-turvy, thinking I was being super good for not putting myself first.

Thankfully, my dear body helped me see things needed to change.

Then something woke me up to the truth behind all this madness.

Underlying all of this was not a lack of time or too much too do...but a lack of self-worth. A lack of confidence in my right to have my needs met first and foremost.

Where this came from is a whole other story for another day, but just to say I had internalised a lack of self-worth that I was unconsciously acting out in my life, by not making time for the things that really matter (like me!) through ongoing self-deprivation and self-negation.

"I don't have time for self-care"

No one has time. We create it. For the things that we decide matter.

The question is, do you include yourself and your wellbeing on that list?


I didn’t have time for self-care because I didn’t really believe I was worth it. So I didn't create time. I was scared to place myself at the centre of my life for fear of seeming selfish or entitled. Can you resonate?

But then it really hit me. I inherited this, soaked up this madness...AND I WAS MODELLING THIS FOR MY DAUGHTER! πŸ€―🀯🀯

And that was the clincher for me.  Self-care isn’t selfish. And if we truly love those around us, we must take responsibility for ourselves  by embracing deep self-care as a way of life, our mode of travel if you will.

Self-care becomes who we are and how we roll. 

Because as we love and care for ourselves truly and deeply, and like we really mean it, we give others permission to do the same.

When we elevate ourselves we elevate all those around us too.

When we learn how to set boundaries and prioritise what’s most important, and get it dialled in, just like brushing your teeth, while making time for fun and connection and all the stuff that makes life good and worthwhile, we show others the way too.

And it’s not even complicated. It’s actually very simple. You just need to decide that yes you want to live like this.

I know i’m worth prioritising and I’ve organised my life around that now. 

I've created simple structures, boundaries and rituals that make self-care just part of my normal daily routine.

And the best bit, if you have kids, listen up here: they don't listen to what you say (you know it right?!) they soak up who and how you are.

How you treat yourself becomes their baseline norm, it becomes how they treat themselves.  

But when we fail to love and care for ourselves, we inadvertently model to everyone around us, especially our kids, that they too should behave like this. #nobueno

So let’s stop the madness, end the legacy of self-deprivation, and begin modelling a NEW WAY of being in the world.  



You're the "CWO" - What you model MATTERS!

Self-care is not selfish and it's not just about you.

If you’re a woman, you’re a role model for other women facing the same challenges.

And if you’re a mama like me, you’re in the most important leadership role on the planet.

You’ve heard of CEO right? Well you’re the CWO - the CHIEF WELLBEING OFFICER. 

You set the tone for wellbeing in your home.

How you treat yourself becomes the established norm. 

Your kids will largely ignore what you say, but they will soak up into the depths of their beings who and how you are.

How you treat yourself becomes how they learn to treat themselves.

So for everyone, including yourself, it's imperative that you make yourself top priority and show everyone how it's done! 

But what does this actually look like?

Where do you begin?

How do you step into the CWO role in your home and lead the way in this BRAND NEW revolutionary way of showing up as a woman who cares for herself like she really means it?

How do you begin to put yourself back at the centre and prioritise your wellbeing so that all the good stuff can start flowing freely from there? 


Well listen, you’re sitting here and you’ve read this far because you sense that there is a better way to travel through your days. This is a long old page so I know you want more and you sense that it's entirely possible.

You’ve heard my story and how the ‘busyness’ story is just a facade for some deeper troubles that so many of us struggle with (and try to ignore): Lack of self-worth, lack of entitlement, worry of being selfish, inability to take up space in our own lives and get our needs met, too much guilt when we do get our needs met to really enjoy it...yada, yada, yada...

So let me ask you, are you ready to model a new and better way of being that puts you first so you can show up with a cup that over-flowth (and not in a leaky tap kinda way either, in a full-on abundant and radiant way)

Does this sound like something you want to start to take action on?

Because right now you have the chance to grab the EXACT BLUEPRINT that got me out of my self-care Sahara and into a super easeful, simple and fun daily rhythm that works with my basic physical, mental and emotional needs rather than against them. 

Today I’m excited to be able to introduce you to my BRAND NEW online course The Balance Blueprint.

It’s a simple but potent blueprint that guides you step-by-step to seamlessly integrate and automate 10 daily self-care practices and rituals that will make feeling great your default. 

No more faffing around trying to squeeze self-care in at the end of an exhausting day.

Caring for yourself like you mean it will now just be how you roll, it'll be be built into the fabric of your day, and like brushing your teeth, once you follow the steps in the blueprint and integrate and automate, you won't have to think about it again, so you can get on with doing what you're actually here to do. 

Check out what you can look forward to when you join the Balance Blueprint today  πŸ‘‰  πŸ‘‰  πŸ‘‰ 


Module 1: The Implementation Toolkit

Even when you know what to do...actually doing it is still a major pain in the behind. Right??

Ever got pumped up and committed to doing something…and then failed to follow through or stick at it long enough to get the results you wanted? Yeah, me and the rest of the planet too. 

If you’ve struggled and failed to make positive changes a million times before, if you've tried everything and almost given up entirely, well the tools in this module will be what cracks you through to the other side and sets you up for real results with this course, and with anything else you try your hand at in the future. 

You'll discover how you set yourself up for failure and make failure almost inevitable from the outset, without even realising it! Plus, the simple steps and proven formula to follow instead.  Which means you’ll never be stuck in the try-fail cycle again. You'll never again feel like you’re fighting a losing battle against yourself.

The tools here are simple to implement, and proven to work with the realities of your brain and your actual day-to-day life!

This Toolkit shows you how to implement any change you want in your life effortlessly, and successfully.

It's worth doing the course just for this module. Seriously.


Module 2: The Daily Energy Clock

Fancy wasting all your energy constantly swimming upstream, just trying to stay afloat and not drown in your own life?

Thought not. And yet, this is how so many people live by not learning how to surf the energetic currents of life. 

In this module you'll discover the ancient Daily Energy Clock that our wise ancestors lived and thrived by. 

You'll learn how there is a beautiful rhythm to life: just like waves ebb, flow, and swell, each day has a specific energetic blueprint, and when you understand the basic principles you can stop flailing and start surfing through your days. 

You'll learn how what you do and how you do it matters, but when you do it, that's the missing key πŸ”‘

You'll tweak what you're already doing to align more closely with the Daily Energy Clock and harness a heap more energy and vitality in the process, easily. 

Module 3: Root to Rise

In module 3 you get the step-by-step blueprint for designing an evening routine that nourishes and nurtures while setting you up for an awesome and productive tomorrow, including the number one habit that saves time and has you waking up feeling lighter, brighter and more energised within a week!

We’ll cover the Potential Paradox, a fascinating concept that shows how you can achieve more by doing less, and even by doing nothing at all, plus how to implement this. You'll need some training in how to do nothing for maximum results, it's a real art πŸ˜œ

You’ll also really REALLY understanding how you have nothing to lose by caring for yourself and taking daily downtime, but everything to gain. You can wave sayonara to any guilt you might have around self-care and putting yourself first. 

Why are we starting with your evening and not your morning routine?  This is part of the magic that we unpack, you’re learning how to start living your life here instead of reacting to it.

Module 4: Rise and Shine

By Module 4, you’ll be ready to Rise and Shine.  You’ll have flexed some boundaries-badassary and you’ll be feeling better already for reclaiming your most valuable resources: your attention, time and energy.

If you’ve followed the simple steps in the previous modules, by this module you’ll already be waking up feeling pretty epic just as a side-benefit of the simple tweaks you’ve made to your daily flow so far. 

But in this final module we’ll consolidate everything and you’ll get the recipe for a powerful morning routine that ensures you’re entering your day aligned, purposeful and ready to roll. 

No more rushed or panicked mornings feeling like you’re already behind and reacting to life, you’ll be leading the life you want from the moment you wake up and that’s the energy you’ll carry into your day.

And if you're thinking, Sam, I don't have hours for some elaborate morning hoo-ha πŸ™Œ don't worry, everything is super simple to implement, nothing more complex than brushing your teeth, and you've got that nailed right? 

Plus, there are some simple practices included that will save you time as you learn to spot problems (and take action) earlier.


Plus, when you enrol today (I want to make this a no-brainer)... you'll also get these awesome bonuses

Bonus #1: The Boundaries Bootcamp (Value Β£49)

You're here because you've struggled to make self-care THE priority it needs to be, so I put together this bonus because I know you're going to benefit massively (because I did too!)

With this bonus you'll learn:

πŸ’• How to easily identify if you have poor boundaries and quickly spot when your boundaries have been violated, so you can stop feeling bad about this and get on with doing something about it instead.

πŸ’• One super simple and powerful technique that you can do in less than a minute to help you identify clearly what to say 'yes' to and when you need to say 'HELL NO'. No more overthinking things or fretting and feeling guilty and confused!

πŸ’• The boundary-setting formula: a simple sentence that can be used in any situation to easily ask for what you need and ensure you get it 99% of the time. Life skillz right there. πŸ‘ˆπŸΎ

Bonus #2: The Calendar Alignment Ritual (Value Β£97)

With this bonus you're getting the exact formula I use for a weekly planning ritual that:

πŸ’• banishes busy

πŸ’• saves several hours each week

πŸ’• keeps you sane and aligned with what matters

πŸ’• PLUS builds self-confidence and self-esteem like nothing else in a super practical and actionable way. 

Practice this and you will become a person who people take seriously because you will ooze integrity with yourself. Super juicy stuff.

Bonus #3: The Sleep Mastery Masterclass (Value Β£87)

The Balance Blueprint includes some sleep talk, because quite frankly it's under-rated, but I created an extra bonus because I know this is going to radically change how you feel in your days.

This bonus gives you 15 power tips to elevate and optimise your sleep so you can wake up feeling like you're meant to - awesome. 

With practical and easy-to-action tips you'll transform your sleep into the sacred self-care ritual that it is.

So, at this point, you may be starting to wonder if a system that can deliver all of this is going to be expensive. And who can blame you? These kind of results are priceless, right?

It took me 15 years and around £20,000 to gather all this wisdom through various yoga trainings, trips to India, high ticket health coaching, about a zillion personal development books, and much trial and error.

I've filtered all this and condensed it down to the simple principles, structures and practices that actually work and give you the biggest return on your time and energy investment.

So I could charge a good chunk of change for this wisdom and it'd be TOTES worth it. 

But I’m not actually going to do that. 

Right now, you can get the entire “Balance Blueprint” along with all of the bonuses, for just a one-time, single, secure payment of only £497. 

Click the ‘Start Now’ button below and get started today.

PLUS, you're 100% Protected By my 30-day “ZERO RISK GUARANTEE”

It's the boldest, bestest guarantee in town.

And here’s how it works: 

Take the ‘Balance Blueprint’ course for a test drive, put everything to work, and see how it works for YOU specifically. 

And if at any time, you find that it wasn’t worth the £497... or you didn’t get the results you expected, just let me know, and I’ll give you a full refund. Sound fair...?

So the Real Question Is... Is it worth gambling a few minutes of your time to check this out?Β  Even if it only does HALF of what I've claimed today, it will pay for itself as soon as you start to see real results faster than you ever dreamed possible.Β  So if you’re ready, just go ahead... click the "Start Now’” button below and take advantage of this very special offer.

AND... as if the amazing discount wasn’t enough already, when you order today, I’m also giving you a very special additional bonus... access to my private facebook community, which means access to ME and others also taking action to feel better right now. 

Community is such a core component of successfully moving in the right direction, so with this bonus you’ll be in amongst like-minded people and able to reach out to me whenever you have questions or need any support!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You should receive an email with your login details shortly after signing up.

There are four modules with 18 lessons in total, plus your 3 bonuses. 

You could tackle a module a week if you're feeling pumped and get the course done in a month, but if you want to go slower so you have more space to digest and implement (which I highly recommend!) that's absolutely fine also.

Once you've been through the whole course you might like to start it again, you'll be ready to pick up more the second time around, and the third, and fourth. 


Four modules with 18 lessons, plus your 3 bonus trainings.

I may add and enhance the course as time goes on and you'll always have access to the latest material.

Women, and mums especially, who feel they are too busy for self-care. 

The course is designed to help you implement, integrate and automate some basic self-care rituals that will make feeling your best default. Once this stuff is automated it's really no harder than brushing your teeth, but getting to the stage where it is just how you roll is the challenge, which is what the course will help with. 

Because you're a role model for the wellbeing of your home and your children.

Your little people are looking to you to see what's normal.

How you treat yourself becomes how they treat themselves as they grow up.


Your role as a mother is the most important leadership role around, the Balance Blueprint shows you how to model simple self-care that makes vibrant health the default. 

The Balance Blueprint combines the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the latest in modern neuroscience.

Basically, I've taken the simple wisdom of our grandmothers' that's been drowned out by the noise of modern living and paired it with a powerful implementation toolkit that shows you how to actually implement the principles I'm sharing. 

Too often you'll get heaps of information on what you should be doing but no one tells you how to navigate the realities of your brain (that doesn't want to change) and your real-life (that's kinda stressful a lot of the time which is also conducive to just staying the same).

The Balance Blueprint gives you simple proven principles that you can live by for the rest of your life and shows you how to implement in a way that's easy to do and not overwhelming.

Just follow the steps and you cannot fail at this!


You can take this at your own pace and watch the videos and do the exercises whenever's convenient for you!

Everything is hosted online so you can access the resources from wherever you are, whenever you want to.


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