Become an Elite Engineer

Accelerate your seniority and salary by learning cutting-edge skills in framework agnostic JavaScript UI development, collaboration and soft-skills.

Get a proven system to radically improve your ability to contribute to, and lead in complex software development projects.

How Our Programme Works

Our coaching and mentoring programme uses 4 critical building blocks to help you learn UI architecture and testing in an immersive environment. Our guided learning experience will support, educate and accelerate you to mastery. Here's what's included...

Incremental Methodology Training

You watch bite-size video lessons which explain our architectural methodology and mental models step by step. Then you take a quiz to assess your understanding of our core concepts.

Battle-tested Exercises

Theory without practice is pointless, so we carefully designed real-world exercises. They help you build muscle-memory techniques that will enable you to consistently solve complex architectural challenges.

Live-strategy Calls

Sometimes you may want to ask a question from someone who has been there and done it already. Our live group coaching lets you ask us questions about the methodology we teach or anything else; from micro-frontends to UI team leadership.

Community & Private Mentoring

You also get access to our private community where you can get help from other students online, and get access directly to the UI Architect coaches every day to help you implement what you learn in your production apps.

Why Framework Agnostic?

The advice and training you will find in books, courses, tools and blog posts is normally too specific because it only looks at it from the angle of UI Frameworks like React, Angular or Vue.

But growing code is not about frameworks, it's about your brain. Your brain thinks in concepts and abstractions. For this reason we should actually build our apps back-to-front.

So, our training is optimised to give you exactly what you need to grow a framework-agnostic JavaScript UI architecture. This is built on fundamental software design theory which doesn't lock you into the UI frameworks.

We show you how to think like a UI architect by showing you the practical steps to grow your code line by line in a way that is sustainable long term; no matter how much the tech changes!

Our Team

Ilia Tolliu


Ilia is a member of the founding coaching team. He works with our students pushing them towards career mastery as architects!

Pete Heard


Pete founded the company and is responsible for designing our core methodology for UI Architecture.

Rick Blyth


Rick works on the operational side of Logic Room. He focuses on customer success, marketing and everything in between to ensure Logic Room runs smoothly.

Our Reviews

Students who train with us don't just learn 'facts'. They get real insight into the hardest part of scaling UI

architecture and tests. Hear what our students have to say about our training!

Andrei Fidelman 🔗

Ex-Microsoft Software Engineer/Architect, 8 years

“Anyone thinking in enrolling in the Academy should know the academy can save you a lot of time in understanding the entire picture of Architecture and Testing in UI apps”

Fredrik Lindqvist🔗

Front-end developer, 5 years

“It’s been a game-changer now when I’ve done this course … I have a new perspective on things ... It’s what I’ve been looking for almost 5 years.”

Javier Valderrama 🔗

Senior Consultant, 10 years
JavaScript, front-end & back-end

“It’s like a recipe … you can have all these ingredients ... but the right master is the one who knows exactly how to combine them."

Costas Ioannou 🔗

React Native developer, 5 years

"I don’t think I will be able to write apps without this clean architectural structure. It’s the natural way to do it.”

Razvan Anastasescu 🔗

Full-stack developer, 20 years

“The last part of the program, about abstraction, is where most of the magic happened ... You learn how to decouple the business logic of the app from the framework.”

Mohamed Sallam 🔗

Ex-Microsoft Software Engineer/Architect, 8 years

"The course takes a very practical approach ... The value you take out of it is comparable to having your own mentor … I highly recommend it!”

Nick Bennett 🔗

Senior Engineer, 14 years

“The standard of code that I’ll be producing for anything going forward will be of such good quality now … it could have an app turned around in less time.”

Leo Furze-Waddock 🔗

Web Developer, 20 years
JavaScript, full-stack

“The approach was a much faster way to attain good code quality and good test coverage, by writing far fewer tests”

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