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JavaScript For Web, Mobile, Desktop and Backend Digital Products

Responsive Web App
& Backend Development

We build beautiful and well-engineered products for the web. Specialists in Single Page Application (SPA) development. Backend systems that can scale better than most technologies using Node.

  • Angular Development Services
  • React Development Services
  • Meteor Development Services
  • Typescript Development Services
  • Modular CSS using LESS
  • Node.js Experts
  • Jekyll Development

Mobile and Desktop App Development

We are thoroughbred software designers who specialise in decoupling applications, this allows them to run on multiple platforms; from desktop to mobile

  • React Native Development Services
  • NativeScript Development Services
  • Desktop App Development using Electron
  • Hybrid (CSS and HTML5) using Cordova (Phonegap)

Consultancy, Training & Other Services

Need to work with a consultancy you can trust? We stand against sloppy work and silly excuses. We offer strategic consultancy on...

  • Modular Code
  • Delivery Problems : we troubleshoot complex software/digital leadership issues
  • Digital Transformation strategy
  • Agile and Lean Delivery
  • Test Driven Development training
  • Change Management
  • Key Performance Metric Strategy


Cisco Systems

We have helped Cisco develop core User Interface architecture and components for dCloud; a large-scale and worldwide platform hosted in 5 global datacentres with extensive and complex code. It combines enterprise service layer architecture, content management, backend hardware, and a mobile app.

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Tristar Worldwide Chauffeur Services

We helped Tristar by providing development services and pioneering the use of Test Driven Development (TDD) practices within the organisation. We helped Tristar meet it's business objectives by providing a stable software solution that could scale to meet their on-going Digital Transformation needs.

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Supporting your Digital Transformation with Expert Development Knowledge and Disciplines

Software Architecture

You can't rapidly transform your business without high code quality code. We specialise in producing well engineered Object Oriented code which can be extended and maintained. We use a mix of our own software design principles coupled with industry recognised practices such as Xtreme Programming (XP). We don’t just lump in buzzwords for the sake of it, we take care to make sure that everything we do is based around optimising team performance and output in a way that controls risk.

Test Driven Development (TDD)

It's not enough for us to put a practice into a development workflow without mastering it first. We have given countless talks and presentations on the deep synergy between advanced software design and the application of automated testing. We use a unique blend of Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) and Test Driven Development (TDD) to ensure our output of working software is optimised to deliver well tested systems for the lowest cost possible.

What People are Saying

Agile Software Delivery through the provisioning of Clean, Clear and Concise Code

Lots of consultancies claim to build high quality software so how can you tell who is really delivering good value for money? It's simple; if the code you pay for isn't clean, clear and free of duplication this manifests itself in delays, overruns, high costs and poor stakeholder confidence (read more about this here). For a consultancy to do its job properly it has to deliver well-engineered code of a high standard to make sure you can move your business forward with confidence. We specialise in building a unique team structure that places safeguards in the form of quality control to ensure our clients get what they pay for.

We do this by assigning at least one vetted Logic Room Technical Lead to our projects. These ‘Technical Leads’ take responsibility for four things :

Project code quality and architecture

Ensuring enough specification and estimation is complete

Tracking and keeping the client aware of progress

Supporting the development team

By maintaining a disciplined approach to developing complex software we can deliver well designed systems that support our clients' long term Digital Transformation objectives. This allows us to build long term relationships that are based on a cornerstone of trust, integrity and workmanship.

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