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We help JavaScript engineers learn powerful framework-agnostic approaches in application structure, software design and test automation.

Get battle tested techniques, consistent quality in your code and timeless skills you can use for the rest of your career.

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We help engineers learn breakthrough techniques that get big results. You will find our students skilfully leveraging the right framework features, thinking in abstractions, and building complex UI code that scales.

We help frustrated engineers...

Their codebase is sprawling.

They approach application design with no strategy and pretend their architecture skills are getting better. But they still can't figure out repeatable ways to structure their code.

Confused and frustrated; they feed on shiny new frameworks and programming religions. Their career is a mish-mash of trendy buzzwords.


Skilled and satisfied!

A contented engineer is rare.

They have figured out how to focus on the right things. They are in control of their code and they have discovered the formula to build UI apps using a consistent approach no matter what framework is 'trendy'.

They are happy because they have saved themselves time and effort by learning transferrable expertise that they can use forever.

How It Works

When you begin training with us you join a guided learning experience that is designed to support, educate and accelerate you to mastery. Here's what's included...

Video Lessons

Bitesize lessons are delivered to you through our 100% cloud-based portal every week. We have rigorously designed each of our lessons to be succinct. This means you can progress faster and avoid wasting time learning what isn't important.

Incremental Modules

We collect our lessons into 'incremental and unlocking' modules. Each module is designed to unlock the next by re-enforcing key concepts as the training progresses. You get the certainty of cumulative progress without feeling overwhelmed.

Graded Assessments

At the end of every module we take you through a graded assessment which will ensure that you have reached the learning objectives. You can repeat the assessment as many times as you need to make sure your knowledge is complete.

Battle-tested Exercises

A professional should consolidate their knowledge through practice. So, we carefully designed exercises based on real-world scenarios. Meaning you get actionable insight that sets you apart from novices.

Live-coaching Calls

Sometimes you just need to ask a question from someone who has been there and done it already. Our live group coaching lets you ask our team questions about the training and get help and advice with your production apps. 

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The Secrets of a Testable UI (Free)

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Our Courses

Ultra Fast Testing shows JavaScript engineers how to make testing a UI app so fast; they will never want to ship another app without it!

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Infinite Architecture teaches UI engineers how to grow any type of UI app, using any UI Framework to any size! 

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Students who train with us don't just learn 'facts'. They get real insight into the hardest part of scaling UI architecture and tests. Hear what our past students have to say about our training!


Learn to build, architect and test scalable code like a MASTER programmer!

Put That Cookie-Cutter Training... Down!

Most training sites simply repackage coursess giving you no 'learning journey'. Your time is important to us so we meticulously design our all of our courses together to give you a 'holistic' experience. Take them on their own or together, we won't teach you the same or contradictory things ever!


You get an optimised and focussed experience instead of learning 'padded' and irrelevant theory.

Cross Stack

Our techniques are transferrable between tech stacks, libraries and frameworks; learn once and use forever.


Same team, same platform, same teachers; avoid wasted time on unstructured training courses.

100% Cloud Based

No messing around with running things locally, all the tools in one place to get going fast.

Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back!

Outcomes Not Minutes

Our system delivers against learning 'outcomes' instead of just padding out content with 'minutes' like you get on do-it-all training websites.

We don't offend your busy schedule by spoonfeeding you endless facts. Instead we strategically align your time against tightly specified learning objectives.

We are so sure you will get what you paid for that we will give your money back if you are not entirely satisfied.

Meet Your Coaches

Meet the team that will help you on your journey. We are different to most coaching teams because we work together on our client projects. This means that what we teach you is based on real world commercial experience not just 'technical' theory.

Pete Heard

Pete is the founder of Logic Room. He creates the core material around JavaScript architecture, test automation and software team leadership.

Matt Wasbrough

Matt was Logic Room's first engineer to complete successful training in our techniques. He most enjoys coaching engineers and helping teams build up their leadership capability.

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You cannot be a good architect unless you create good tests. So; our founder takes you through the secrets to creating testable code. You can use what you learn in this course... today!

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