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Logic Room is modular training system for remote JavaScript teams in regulated industries. It shows them how to increase their development speed by teaching them advanced skills in UI testing and architecture.

Get battle tested techniques, consistent quality and an incredible engineering culture.


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Stop Rushing and Focus on What Matters

We help your engineers learn simple habits that get big results. You will find our students thinking in patterns, connecting deeply with their team and delivering big results to their employers.

We help frustrated engineering teams...

Their codebase is sprawling.

They bicker about the best way to do things; and although they give each other cute emojis on Slack, they don't trust each other.

Confused and frustrated; they feed on shiny new frameworks and programming religions. Then after 2 years they throw in the towel and find a new job.








Connected and laser-focussed.

A truly engaged team is rare.

They feed on simplicity, being in control of their code, and working with team mates who they love.

They have standardised their approach to building software; enabling them to deliver breakthrough results to their organisations.

How It Works

We deliver training to your team through our online portal over 9 weeks. Students work through video lessons and complete exercises with support from our coaches and community.

56 Lessons

Bitesize lessons are delivered to your team through our 100% cloud-based portal every week. Students work through the material and then submit exercises to our instructors where they get personalised feedback.


6 Coaching Calls

Our weekly group coaching calls assure that each of your team can find out how to apply what we teach them. We give them support to get their new skills into your production apps.

18 Real-World Exercises

Each of our exercises are designed to flex your engineers' real working knowledge of the skills we teach. Instead of meaningless detail they will get actionable skills they can use in your commercial projects.


9 Incremental Modules

Each module is designed to unlock the next by re-enforcing key concepts as the training progresses. This means our students get deep understanding not just surface knowledge.


1 Expert Community

Students get access to our community where they can get advice from our coaches as they progress, meet other engineers taking our training & get the customised support they need!

What We Teach

We help you get consistency, confidence and better team engagement as you build your complex JavaScript UI apps by teaching skills across 3 key areas...

Fast Testing

Automated testing should be fast to do otherwise it won't get done.

We show you how to set up your apps so that they are as testable on day 1 as they are on day 1001. Enjoy being able to effortlessly test your app no matter how big your project gets.

Scalable Architecture

Grow your UI app to any size.

We teach simple go-to rulesets to help you make quick decisions on architecture. Save time by avoiding endless debates about the best way to structure your UI app.

Standardised Working

Human connection is the bedrock of your teams performance.

We work with you to establish basic collaboration habits that help you bond better as a team. Watch your productivity and engagement rocket. 

Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back!

Outcomes Not Minutes

Our system delivers against learning 'outcomes' instead of just padding out content with 'minutes'.

We don't throw training at you and expect it to stick. This does not work. Instead we use re-enforcement learning where parts of our course keep re-enforcing earlier parts.

We use a proven process to closely track how well our approaches are working with your team by regularly listening to them and understanding what they need. We are so passionate about delivering results to your team we offer a complete money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied.

"Logic Room has helped us accelerate our UI development with better techniques after the global expansion of our product and business. Their training has given us skills to help drive our codebase forward with better ways of working; including the migration of a large angularJS codebase to React. Their coaches have been helping us build our ongoing technical strategy and front-end leadership team."

Kieran Gutteridge
CTO @ Cutover (Index Venture Backed)


Focussed System

You get immediate results instead of learning pointless theory

Full Stack

Why hire when you can promote? we teach your engineers skills they need to move your business fast

Consistent & Refined

Same platform, same delivery mechanism, same teachers – no more clunky do-it all training websites with overpaid gurus

100% Cloud Based

No messing around with running things locally, onboard new starters fast

Need a Second Pair of Eyes?

Our JavaScript Coaches work with your team every day to help them realise their potential...

1. Your People

As your people and process change over time; so does your code.

Blind spots can appear in your engineering capability without you even realising.

This creates stress, high turnover of engineers and a completely disengaged workforce that struggle to maintain pace and quality.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Our professional JavaScript coaches exist to work with you to figure out where your JavaScript engineering and software development process may be failing your people – in real-time.

2. Our People

Our coaches write code with your engineers every day and use the techniques from our training system – to help your team figure out how to maintain and deliver an outstanding technical quality in your production apps.

We play close attention to every detail of your JavaScript engineering;  from your architecture, UX, development process and technical strategy.

When your apps are stable we spend time with each of your team and help them to work out how to move their career forward inside your organisation and propel your business forward.

Meet Your Coaches

We coach your JavaScript engineering team in much the same way as a professional athlete might be coached. We leverage our training material to work with your engineers individually every week. We set clear milestones with your team and push them hard as they can so they learn fast and lead your company.

Pete Heard

Pete is the founder of Logic Room. He creates the core material around JavaScript architecture, test automation and software team leadership.

He most enjoys helping our clients teams figure out long term technical strategies.

Matt Wasbrough

Matt was Logic Room's first engineer to complete successful training in our techniques. He helps our clients teams to put their new skills into use in their production apps.

He most enjoys coaching engineers days to day and helping teams build up their leadership capability.

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