Performant Teams & Custom Apps

Our Values

What we do

We help organisations tackle the complexity behind creating stable software. Whether that's by building it for them using our highly skilled engineers or by working with their existing team using our software team improvement framework; Amplitude, we're on hand to make software projects successful.

Our company was founded because we realised that there was a gap in the market when it comes to dealing with the enormous cost of poor quality code. We work with you to help you mitigate risk through development services and technical consulting.

Focus Areas

We start new projects, we work with your software teams, and we build custom apps


Planning Workshop
for New Digital Projects

The key to success in software development projects is rooted in planning. Ignition is our specially designed 2 day workshop created to help organisations align their software development programmes with business objectives.


Software Team
Improvement Framework

We work with organisations who need help to get their in-house team performing. Amplitude is our software team improvement framework which is process driven and methodical.



Full-Stack JavaScript

With a specialism in Single Page Applications using technologies such as React, React Native, Angular & Node we build beautifully engineered software. We are experts and practitioners in Test Driven Development and The Clean Architecture.