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We help JavaScript engineers learn a powerful, framework-agnostic approach for designing and testing UI apps.

Get battle tested techniques, consistent quality in your code and timeless skills you can use for the rest of your career.

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We help engineers learn breakthrough techniques that get big results. You will find our students skilfully leveraging the right framework features, thinking in abstractions, and building complex UI code that scales.

We help frustrated engineers...

Their codebase is sprawling.

They approach application design with no strategy and pretend their architecture skills are getting better. But they still can't figure out repeatable ways to structure their code.

Confused and frustrated; they feed on shiny new frameworks and programming religions. Their career is a mish-mash of trendy buzzwords.


Skilled and satisfied!

A contented engineer is rare.

They have figured out how to focus on the right things. They are in control of their code and they have discovered the formula to build UI apps using a consistent approach no matter what framework is 'trendy'.

They are happy because they have saved themselves time and effort by learning transferrable expertise that they can use forever.

How It Works

Logic Room is a 12-Week training programme that uses 4 critical building blocks to help you learn UI architecture and testing in an immersive environment. Our guided learning experience will support, educate and accelerate you to mastery. Here's what's included...

Incremental Video Training

You watch bite-size video lessons. Then you take a quiz to assess your understanding of our core concepts. You will build your knowledge one step at a time.

Battle-tested Exercises

Theory without practice is pointless, so we carefully designed real-world exercises. Meaning you get commercial insight that will work in the wild with your production apps.

Live-coaching Calls

Sometimes you just need to ask a question from someone who has been there and done it already. Our live group coaching lets you ask our team questions about the training and get help and advice with your production apps. 

Community & Leaderboard

You also get access to our private community where you can get help from other students online, network in real events (post pandemic) and see your own progress and results on our UI Architecture 'leaderboard'.

Why Framework Agnostic?

The advice and training you will find in books, courses, tools and blog posts is normally too specific because it only looks at it from the angle of UI Frameworks like React, Angular or Vue.

But growing code is not about frameworks, it's about your brain. Your brain thinks in concepts and abstractions. For this reason we should actually build our apps back-to-front.

So, our training is optimised to give you exactly what you need to grow a framework agnostic JavaScript UI architecture. This is built on fundamental software design theory which doesn't lock you into the UI frameworks.

We show you how to think like a UI architect by showing you the practical steps to grow your code line by line in a way that is sustainable long term; no matter how much the tech changes!

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Begin your journey with us now by enrolling on the 12 Week UI Architecture Academy.

The 12-Week UI Architecture Academy gives JavaScript engineers cutting-edge framework agnostic skills they need to architect and test complex UI applications at scale!

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Students who train with us don't just learn 'facts'. They get real insight into the hardest part of scaling UI architecture and tests. Hear what our past students have to say about our training!


Learn to build, architect and test scalable code like a MASTER programmer!

Put That Cookie-Cutter Training... Down!

Most training sites simply repackage courses giving you no 'learning journey'. Your time is important to us so we design our all our content to give you a 'holistic' experience. We don't teach you the same or contradictory things meaning you get clarity in your education. Our training is...


You get an optimised and focussed experience instead of learning 'padded' and irrelevant theory.

Cross Stack

Our techniques are transferrable between tech stacks, libraries and frameworks; learn once and use forever.


Same team, same platform, same teachers; avoid wasted time on unstructured training courses.

100% Cloud Based

No messing around with running things locally, all the tools in one place to get going fast.

Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back!

Outcomes Not Minutes

Our system delivers against learning 'outcomes' instead of just padding out content with 'minutes' like you get on do-it-all training websites.

We don't offend your time by spoonfeeding you endless facts. Instead we narrow your focus to specified learning objectives.

We are so sure you will get what you paid for that we will give your money back if you are not entirely satisfied.

"I am seriously blown away by the course (12-Week UI Architecture Academy), it is really pushing me. Even the included React 80/20 bonus QuickStart guide is better than the other React training I have taken!"

Elliott Porter
JavaScript UI Engineer

"I have just finished Part 1 of the 12 Week UI Architecture Academy. I have to say it's bloody amazing!"

Rati Montreewat
JavaScript Blogger/Scientist/Coder

"Many thanks again for an awesome course (12-Week UI Architecture Academy), I have been mind-blown every week!"

Fredrik Lindqvist
JavaScript/C# .Net Engineer

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Our methodology and training is comprised of critical concepts you need to master UI Architecture. To find out more download our 28-page guide NOW!


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