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Scalable TDD & Testing

4 Hour On Demand Training + Exercises

Scalable TDD & Testing shows JavaScript UI engineers how to scale UI testing using a framework agnostic approach.

What you learn in this course will work with any UI framework and will make testing fun and fast (meaning you will become a default Test Driven Developer).

UI Architecture Academy

60 Hours of Coursework + Mentorship + Coaching

The UI Architecture Academy is a 12 module program to teach you how to build, test and scale your UI apps. Students work through assessments, exercises and build real projects using the complete methodology they learn.

We learn to make testing a UI app so fast, you will never want to ship another SPA without doing it!

We then further advance your knowledge and show you the architectural rules and software design theory that will let you scale up your UI app to any size.

Decision Making & Principles

1 Hour Training + Workshop Materials + Team Exercises

Decision Making & Principles for Senior Engineers is an advanced course for engineers who want to improve their ability to contribute to, collaborate in and even lead software teams (if they choose to).

It teaches foundational skills in critical thinking with regard to making better decisions about technical strategy and architecture and how to align a team around a common architectural standard based on software engineering principles.

Transforming Software Engineers into UI Architects