Learn a Breakthrough Approach to Architect & Test Complex UI Applications of any Size and Complexity in any UI Framework (React, Angular & Vue). Guaranteed Results or Your Money BACK!

Master timeless skills you can use for the rest of your career!

The 12-Week UI Architecture Academy is a part-time training course which gives JavaScript engineers breakthrough skills in UI architecture and testing using any UI framework.

In the first half of the course we teach you how to make testing a UI app so fast; you will never want to ship another SPA without testing it. Because now you know the secret to making testing simple!

In the second half of the course we further advance your knowledge and show you the architectural rules and software design theory that will let you scale up your UI app to any size.

Our teaching methodology comprises of weekly recorded videos which are designed to show you just enough theory to advance you to the next stage of the training. Every week you join a group coaching call with our UI Architecture team where you can ask questions from professionals that use the techniques we teach in real commercial contexts. Then, you will be challenged each week by completing at least 2 battle-tested exercises which demonstrate the sorts of architectural and testing problems you will encounter as you grow your UI apps in the wild.

As an added bonus you also get access to our exclusive community where you can get help from other students online, network in real events (post pandemic) and see your own progress and results on our UI Architecture leaderboard.

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