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Students who train with us don't just learn 'facts'. They get real insight into the hardest part of scaling UI

architecture and tests. Hear what our students have to say about our training!

Andrei Fidelman 🔗

Ex-Microsoft Software Engineer/Architect, 8 years

“Anyone thinking in enrolling in the Academy should know the academy can save you a lot of time in understanding the entire picture of Architecture and Testing in UI apps”

Fredrik Lindqvist🔗

Front-end developer, 5 years

“It’s been a game-changer now when I’ve done this course … I have a new perspective on things ... It’s what I’ve been looking for almost 5 years.”

Javier Valderrama 🔗

Senior Consultant, 10 years
JavaScript, front-end & back-end

“It’s like a recipe … you can have all these ingredients ... but the right master is the one who knows exactly how to combine them."

Costas Ioannou 🔗

React Native developer, 5 years

"I don’t think I will be able to write apps without this clean architectural structure. It’s the natural way to do it.”

Razvan Anastasescu 🔗

Full-stack developer, 20 years

“The last part of the program, about abstraction, is where most of the magic happened ... You learn how to decouple the business logic of the app from the framework.”

Mohamed Sallam 🔗

Ex-Microsoft Software Engineer/Architect, 8 years

"The course takes a very practical approach ... The value you take out of it is comparable to having your own mentor … I highly recommend it!”

Nick Bennett 🔗

Senior Engineer, 14 years

“The standard of code that I’ll be producing for anything going forward will be of such good quality now … it could have an app turned around in less time.”

Leo Furze-Waddock 🔗

Web Developer, 20 years
JavaScript, full-stack

“The approach was a much faster way to attain good code quality and good test coverage, by writing far fewer tests”

"I have just finished Part 1 of the UI Architecture Academy. I have to say it's bloody amazing!"

Elliot Porter
JavaScript UI Engineer

"I am seriously blown away by the course (UI Architecture Academy), it is really pushing me. Even the included React 80/20 bonus QuickStart guide is better than the other React training I have taken!"

Kieran Gutteridge
CTO @ Cutover (Index Venture Backed)

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