Students who train with us don't just learn 'facts'. They get real insight into the hardest part of scaling UI architecture and tests. Hear what our students have to say about our training!


"I am seriously blown away by the course (UI Architecture Academy), it is really pushing me. Even the included React 80/20 bonus QuickStart guide is better than the other React training I have taken!"

Elliot Porter
JavaScript UI Engineer

"I have just finished Part 1 of the UI Architecture Academy. I have to say it's bloody amazing!"

Rati Montreewat
JavaScript Blogger/Scientist/Coder

"Many thanks again for an awesome course (UI Architecture Academy), I have been mind-blown every week!"

Fredrik Lindqvist
JavaScript/C# .Net Engineer

"Logic Rooms' training has helped us helped us accelerate our UI development with better techniques after the global expansion of our product and engineering team. Their training has given us skills to help scale our code with a standardised approach to UI architecture and testing in our React app."

Kieran Gutteridge
CTO @ Cutover (Index Venture Backed)

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