Performant teams & Custom apps

What's Wrong

The Problem

60 years since it BEGAN, the software industry is still FAILING!

With over 50% of the world’s largest companies now being software enabled, the modern business leader MUST address the ever increasing complexitites of building effective software teams to help them POWER their organisation into the digital era.

We know from leading industry reports (available on request) that software projects are still failing; the average cost overrun is 43%.

Sound Familiar?

Is this you?

We Have All Experienced Bad Software Projects, Here Are Some Common Pain Points!

  • The same BUGS keep re-appearing
  • It COSTS so much!
  • Nothing is ever delivered ON-TIME
  • You never KNOW what your developers are doing
  • You have to keep re-working the same code OVER AND OVER
  • Your developers keep LEAVING YOU
  • You never know where you STAND
  • You never seem to get any CODE RE-USE
  • Even the best teams don’t know if they can DO BETTER?


Make it stop!

The problem with most current solutions like Devops or Agile is that they can’t go far enough, often their cookie cutter approach is not sufficient for a unique business;
they are tools not a strategy...


How to succeed

We think: to be a successful software business you must address software production with a holistic ‘game plan’. We do this by addressing the 6 key capabilities of software engineering

1. Business Analysis, User Experience and Value

If you can’t define it you can’t build it!

2. Testing

We know that untested code is as useful as unwritten code! Getting the right flow of information tightly integrated with a slick testing process is paramount.

3. Integration, Deployment & Automation

Without the right infrastructure you will waste time in manual process.

4. Execution & Technical Practices

A team who have the right technical disciplines and execution behaviours allow you to deliver faster and more confidently...

5. Tooling, Frameworks & Innovation

Choosing the right gear is a totally personal choice which has to be aligned to your company and your teams…

6. Culture & Well-being

The shared basic assumptions in your organisation defines the standard for the work you do...



AMPLITUDE Is a framework developed by Logic Room which helps businesses identify, improve and maintain healthy approaches to software development.

It consists of a defined process and our own custom tooling which helps you directly measure, interpret and improve the 6 key capabilities of software engineering

It is data driven, it is repeatable and it is optimized to meet YOUR custom business requirements.



How it works

1. Capability Health Check

Our Amplitude consultants start off by coming into your organization and choosing the right mix of 60 measurements across up to 4 different types of actor in your software teams. These directly correlate to the 6 key capabilities and are aligned to YOUR business objective.

We then use a blend of our own tooling, data collection, and analysis techniques to provide a report of everything we DISCOVERED!

This is called your ‘Capability Health Check’ and provides a starting point for us to asses your maturity and ability to improve.

Very Low
Very High


How it works

2. Active Improvement

Having diagnosed the issues and established which actions are needed to rectify them, we begin a programme of work to optimise your development capability. We work with your in-house team, our own team and our extensive consultant network to help bring the right support to your organization.


We will help you understand where the gaps are in your team’s hard and soft skills and design a structured education programme.


We identify where tooling would enhance the software development effort of your team.


Our consultant engineers can partner with your development teams to help them innovate and improve.


How it works

3. Ongoing Measurement

Every month we repeat the same measurements and analysis that we identified from your health check and provide them to you. These are custom fit to your business objective.

We work with you monthly to make sure that your overall business objectives are being met.