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We officially started in 2017 as a JavaScript consultancy founded by Pete Heard a software engineer and consultant. Our aim was to help companies build scalable apps that were easier to extend and maintain by using an architectural and testing methodology that was developed by Pete.

We grew to 7 engineers in 2018 but did not feel that we were offering a service which was going to work for us, or our clients long term. In 2019 we pivoted the business when we realised our skills were in teaching and coaching and could help our clients faster if we digitised the techniques that we had already been using for them commercially.

We try and help our students get to outcomes quickly and succinctly without overloading them with irrelevant information. All of our training is based on the real world knowledge we gained from building commercial software in profit driven enterprises. We try and encapsulate many of our concepts in easy to understand mental models and processes.

Pete Heard

Founder of Logic Room

"I spent years as a frustrated engineer trying to find a way to build apps more predictably. I began designing the techniques and methodology we teach in 2013 and have been working on it ever since."

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