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Think! Like a UI Architect! [E-Book]

Critical Lessons for Framework-agnostic JavaScript UI App Design and Structure

This book outlines strategies for enhancing architecture in any UI framework, including React, Angular, or Vue. It explains the distinction between 'framework' engineers and 'architect' engineers, and takes you through the specific concepts you should know if you want to be a UI Architect!

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UI Architecture Masterclass [Webinar]

Master Framework-Agnostic SPA Design (React, Angular, Vue etc)

1-hr masterclass to teach you about scaling your UI Architecture using a framework agnostic approach. Learn how we developed the methodology we teach and see the 11 anti-patterns that are holding back your UI Architecture, then see how you can make the transition from Frontend Engineer to Frontend Architect!

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5 Principles [Cheat Sheet]

The 5 Principles! of Framework Agnostic UI Architecture and Testing!

This cheat sheet has 5 principles that you can apply to your React, Angular or Vue codebases to write better code on auto-pilot. By following these principles you can reduce the amount of 'thinking time' you need to spend over architectural decisions. Code on auto-pilot and write better tests now!

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