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Accelerated UI Development

An Architectural UI Standard and Governance Model For Simpler Development and Better Recruitment

Cutover is a rapidly expanding global technology platform. They have an impressive list of clients including major UK and US banks and financial services customers such as Barclays and Schroders.

Their enterprise change management platform was written initially in AngularJS by a small founding team, that needed to grow and use modern JavaScript techniques.

The leadership team knew that to grow the company they needed a more flexible and robust codebase which could help them innovate faster. They also had a desire to attract and retain the best talent which would be easier if they had defined and standardised UI architecture.

They wanted to develop a new UI solution and find out how they could build their JavaScript code in such a way that would allow more modularity, fewer bugs and a quicker time between product ideation and deployment to their users.

1. Standardised UI Testing and Architecture

Kieran the CTO at Cutover had previously worked with Pete (our Founder) over 5 years before we started working together.

He reached out and asked for a meeting to discuss some initial consultancy to see if there was a way we could help.

We performed a full audit of their development processes and their current JavaScript code base. Then we did a proof of concept and discussed with their engineering team an alternative way of architecting their code.

We introduced to their team the concepts from our 12-Week UI Architecture academy. First showing them how to set up a code base to make testing fast to do (using our tried and tested Fast-testing architecture). Then we worked with them over a 6 month period to introduce them to the concepts from Infinite UI Architecture where we helped them build repeatable patterns to scale up their complex features.

2. On-going Technical Strategy

On top of the standardised approach to UI testing and architecture we then worked with Cutover to quickly plot a technical strategy that would insulate them against business changes whilst still allowing them to progress development.

We investigated using a micro-front end approach to 'strangulate' their old code base and replace parts of their UI in line with their changing business.

This allowed the speedy migration of parts of their app to a completely new and modernised React and TypeScript container app that lived inside the legacy codebase.

This meant that they could still roll out features in both old and new technology which gives them a lot of flexibility as their business grows.


3. In Team Leadership

With the concepts from our course integrated into both the team and their codebase we then started helping them build up their new internal engineering team.

We deployed 2 JavaScript architects with them full time to begin helping their engineers learn to use our training techniques for JavaScript test automation and scalable UI architecture.

Their engineers were all given access to our flagship training system which has helped to speed up their onboarding by teaching them skills quicker than simply learning by looking through code.

We helped them achieve a 30% faster delivery speed and then worked with their senior leadership team to identify how to structure their global UI teams.

"Logic Room has helped us accelerate our UI development with better techniques after the global expansion of our product and business. Their training has given us skills to help drive our codebase forward with better ways of working; including the migration of a large angularJS codebase to React. Their coaches have been helping us build our ongoing technical strategy and front-end leadership team."

Kieran Gutteridge
CTO @ Cutover (Index Venture Backed)


An accelerated way of working

With our breakthrough training in Test Automation and UI Architecture we have helped Cutover realise their true potential and increase their development speed by 30%. They have also significantly increased test automation coverage which has given them a 90%+ confidence score in pre-qa testing.

Scaling the Distributed Team

Our cloud based training system has enabled new Cutover engineers to be ready  to commit code remotely within their first 48 hours by standardising their approach to UI structure and test automation. We have helped them to expand their global team by 50% in 2 months.

Faster and Better Decision Making

We have helped Cutover put process in place which gives them a quicker decision making ability.

Our coaches have provided faster and more regular feedback; letting them quickly see blind spots and adapt their business in real-time


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