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Get The Groundbreaking Framework-Agnostic Methodology To  Build, Test and Scale Apps in Any UI Framework (React, Angular or Vue) 

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This immersive coaching, mentoring and training programme is for engineers who want...

  • The definitive way to integrate global state, routing and navigation into their UI apps without coupling to the UI framework
  • An end-to-end developer process which makes testing easy and puts architectural decisions on autopilot
  • To decouple 90% of their code away from the framework by leverage framework-agnostic architectural thinking
  • To accelerate quickly to a principle, lead or UI architect position with a proven framework to help them mentor and coach their fellow engineers

This is an advanced coaching programme for engineers with 4 or more years professional experience in JavaScript UI Development...

The UI Architecture Academy is an advanced coaching and mentoring programme which gives pro JavaScript engineers breakthrough skills in framework agnostic UI architecture and testing.

In the first half of your journey with us we teach you how to make testing a UI app so fast; you will never want to ship another SPA without testing it. Because now you know the secret to making testing simple by creating a 'testable UI architecture'.

In the second half we further advance your knowledge and show you the architectural rules and software design theory that will let you scale up your UI app to any size. We teach you an end-to-end developer process based on mental models and muscle memory techniques which help you 'scale as you build' your UI apps.

Our teaching approach is different because it shows you an incremental methodology which is designed to let you step through ideas in your head as you write code.

Every week during the mentoring programme you join a group coaching call with our UI Architecture team where you can ask questions from professionals that use the techniques we teach in real commercial contexts. Then, you will be challenged by completing at least 2 battle-tested exercises which demonstrate the sorts of architectural and testing problems you will encounter as you grow your UI apps in the wild.

To make sure you can quickly implement what you learn with us you also get access to our exclusive community where you will get day to day private mentoring from the UI Architecture coaches. You can share code and specific architectural queries from your production apps with us so we can help you integrate what you learn step-by-step in a low risk way!

Finally, we guarantee your success and give you a no-quibble money-back guarantee if you aren't happy - so you have nothing to lose!

Our Core Methodology Syllabus

Learn a go-to ruleset to help you lay out your files and data structures to make testing simple, and consistent using very simple tooling.

Learn the observable, reactive and update patterns that make testing possible at scale using a very simple architectural approach.

Learn the control patterns to fully control a test so that so that it will load data and track state. Then leverage the power of ‘black box’ design and test doubles to setup a clean, and clear System Under Test (SUT).

Learn to control advanced testing conditions that need multiple and complex backend and state updates. Get the power of end-to-end testing without locking to the markup!

In this module we will learn how you can leverage patterns to build re-usable blocks of setup code in your test suite. It will give you confidence that your production apps are being tested like a real production app, WITHOUT coupling to the framework. .

In this module you will learn how to test ACROSS your UI that has multiple components, states and views.

Then you will find out how to make your tests work without using end-2-end tests, horrible snapshots OR confusing UI mocks..

In this module you learn the fundamental difference between hierarchical data models and flat models, and how you can detect and fix bad views through the power of better presentation architecture.

In this module you will learn what that ONE most important rule in a UI app is! By discovering how an engineer cannot ‘see’ architecture unless they can 'control' it!

You will learn to leverage the paradigm of functional reactive architecture to cleanly solve both timing AND encapsulation issues properly and a get a one-way data flow in your apps.

You learning all the subtle differences between the sub-topics of Dependency Inversion, Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control will enable you to confidently apply dependency management in your UI apps.

So, in this module you learn how to interface your highly scalable UI architecture to all the cross cutting concerns you will have. You do this by ABSTRACTING them into clear and unambiguous patterns that... WORK. You will cover; routing, navigation, integrating 3rd party controls and more!

You will complete a 'final project' where you will holistically cement the knowledge you have learned so far! We have designed this final project to give you exposure to all the interlocking concepts you need. It's composed of an in-depth 5 part challenge with complex requirements that mimic real world situations.

Our Reviews

Christian Burke

This was a fantastic course that I learned A LOT from. I've been applying the architectural concepts and TDD approach they teach to my everyday job and it has yielded a lot of fruit. The code I write is so much cleaner and I attribute that to a lot of the techniques I learned from the course. If you are not already super experienced in TDD and architectural patterns like MVVM and you really like to learn, I would highly recommend this course for you. It will be a great investment in your coding career.

Ryan Kienstra

Do you ever finish a course and realize you haven't become a better developer…you just learned a framework or library? This isn't one of those courses.
You'll learn good software design, applied to the front-end. If React goes out of style in 3 years, you'll be fine.
You'll learn how to make testing easy, no matter the framework or library. The principles even apply to the back-end, like Inversion of Control and the Single Responsibility Principle.
These are durable principles that work, with realistic code exercises." style="max-width: 70px;" />

Nóra Hajdú

““Great course! you should attend this training if you would like to know more about clean frontend architecture and testing.” ”

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a number of different ways you can enrol depending on your requirements which have different prices. We also need to meet first to establish if you are coachable and it's best if you meet us too so you can ask the right questions before deciding which enrolment type you take. To get the price then you just book a strategy call with us at the top of the site. These calls are free and you are under no obligation to buy anything on the call!

Yep, if you don't get the results we promise you or you are not happy we offer you a full refund. Alternatively we promise to work with you until you have the promotion or salary increase you are looking for happens. It's not in our interest to have unhappy customers.

Ahahah YES, if you have just stumbled on us on the web YES we are real. We were founded by Pete Heard a Software Engineer from Reading in the UK. You can check his profile out on LinkedIn. you can also see our TrustPilot Reviews.

“I am seriously blown away by the concepts, it is helping me to write better tests”

Elliot Porter
Consultant Web Developer

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