Get The Science Backed Theory, Practice and Complete In-Team Workshop "Blueprint" To Help Your Team Make Better Decisions As They Architect and Test Code! Get a Full Buy-In Process and Workshop You Can Run With Your Team.

Radically improve your recognition and status by getting elite skills in influence, leadership and collaboration. 
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This course is for experienced engineers (Senior, Full-Stack, Lead) who want to up-level their careers and get more recognition in their teams by taking an action oriented approach to helping their team. It will help you...

  • Understand the human reasons why you end up making bad technical decisions both personally and as a team.

  • Master the critical thinking patterns that you must use yourself and in your team in order to automatically make better decisions day by day, and minute by minute.

  • See how to build a 'Software Engineering Principles' standard in your team to help define the right decisions to make as you architect and test code.

  • Build and execute a complete in-team 'buy-in' process, workshop plan and team training you can give to rally your team, and get them making better strategic decisions at a project level and at a technical level!

Buy Now £199

Decision Making is not just a 'training course'. It's actually a complete process and blueprint designed to elevate your skills and recognition as a senior, full-stack, or even team lead by helping your team achieve better outcomes by making better decisions!

This comprehensive approach equips you with the theory and blueprint necessary to boost your confidence by using by contributing to your teams success with an action oriented approach. Aimed at enabling engineers to understand the reasons bad decisions are made, and then put together an action plan which will help them lead and influence their team to make better decisions and then produce a standard of decision making principles which will guide them to write much better code, testing and architecture.

This course has been developed through the extensive work Logic Room has done working with senior engineers by helping them to introduce the radically different ways we teach them to build software. The content in this course has been proven to help engineers get a natural boost in their recognition and seniority not by learning more theory, frameworks and tools but by actually learning a specific way to improve their ability to collaborate on their team.

Focus Areas

Critical Thinking
for Software Engineers

Never get stuck again making bad technical decisions because now you understand exactly why you make them in the first place.

Developing Software Engineering Principles

Create an actionable 'Software Engineering Principles' code and architecture standard with your team using a proven process. 

Getting Team Buy-In For New Way Of Working

Get the simple leadership system to help you influence your team by getting buy-in from them at the right time using the 'gentle' approach.

Executing The Perfect Workshop and Training Your Team

Get the full toolset to run a successful workshop and training to help teach your team the process you will learn and master in this very course!

About The Lead Instructor

Pete Heard is the founder of Logic Room. He has been a software engineer, technical lead and coach for over 15 years. He develops Logic Rooms core material on Architecture, Testing and Engineering Leadership.

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You don't need anything specific, but the course is designed to help full stack and senior software engineers.

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